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Fake reCAPTCHA Verification Service

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When testing a website that uses the reCAPTCHA service, it can be a mighty pain to repeatedly enter the verification code. I created a quick-and-dirty ASP.NET MVC site that “fakes” the Google service to allow quick testing.


  1. Clone my RecaptchaFake repository from, build it, and serve it at http://localhost:80/verify using IIS or IIS Express.

  2. Edit your hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts - run Notepad as Administrator for permission to save the file). Add the following entry:


With the site served as described above, simply enter true or false in the reCAPTCHA challenge textbox and the fake service will reply with the same. Enter something different and the service will fall back on the CaptchaResult appSettings value in Web.config.