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Modern Apps Live! Looking Back, Looking Forward

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I presented at the Modern Apps Live! conference in Orlando this past November. The whole show was a smashing success. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with peers and colleages, taking a step back to think about the “big picture” of where application development is headed. The next show will be in Las Vegas on March 10-14. I’ll be presenting on building a Modern HTML5 “smart client” application. Use my registration link for a $500 savings!

From backend to user experience

Magenic has created a unique conference experience where the sessions build on one another to tell the whole story of building a modern application from start to finish. The common thread that ties the sessions together is the creation of a single application platform (a polling app called “MyVote”) delivered on diverse clients: Web, iOS, Android, Windows 8 (WinRT), and Windows Phone. The backend is all Azure - SQL and a Web API Cloud Service. The entire development effort was distributed, using Git on Visual Studio Online.

The Magenic team who delivers the conference talks are the same folks who developed the apps. All of the talks emphasize the architecture/design perspective: choosing the right components and patterns for reliable, predictable, successful dlivery. The conference program begins with sessions focused on solution architecture and the backend, follows with development of the various clients, user experience design, and touches on process and tooling around distributed development. We also do a deep-dive workshop on the last day where we dig into the actual nuts and bolts of implementation.

My talk: HTML5/JavaScript application development

My talk is about the development of an HTML5 “smart client” app. It is a Single Page App (SPA) developed with AngularJS, TypeScript, and Razor. I describe the benefits of taking an app the web, selection of a JavaScript application framework, architecture of the app components, testing, and cross-cutting concerns. I am really excited about this combination of technologies: AngularJS provides an “opinionated” framework that is very discoverable, and the combination of TypeScript and Razor templating allows us to extend the type-safety of .NET out into the client.

Next time…

We’re bringing the show to Vegas on March 10-14. We’ve added some features to the apps, and updated them to keep pace with advancements in their various platforms. Hope to see you there!