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Exist-Spoon - AbstractSpoon ToDoList Connection for

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I use the fantastic AbstractSpoon ToDoList for task tracking. I recently discovered the personal metrics app and wanted to track my daily completed tasks.

I created an integration to do just that, and used it as an opportuniy to do a little development in .NET Core. You can find exist-spoon on my GitHub page.

The API is simple to work with. The only tricky part was implementing the OAuth authenticaiton flow on a console app. OAuth requires you to serve a page where the user’s browser will be redirected after completing the authorization. This page accepts the token provided by the parter ( in this case).

There is no HttpListener in .NET Core, so I started from the web application skeleton and stripped everything down as much as possible. As usually happens with async work, I wrote way too many Task<T> and awaits before arriving at the final, simpler structure. I punted on the TDL file format and used a simple regex to parse out when a task has DONEDATE equal to today.

The tool isn’t too complicated, but it’s gotten my juices flowing after a while without working on personal projects. It was cool to get a shoutout from one of’s creators (Hi Josh!) too.