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Microsoft Exam 70-480 Study Guide Continued: Objective 1 Remainder

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Continuing the study guide for Microsoft Exam 70-480. My test date is coming up fast so I need to pick up the pace. I spent a long time on the new HTML5 features, because I have not delved into them in much detail on a project. Most of the remainder of this objective is familiar territory and will have cursory notes.

Error Reporting Service in the Cloud

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I just published a release of my open source TFS Test Steps Editor project that can now report application errors to me. To accomplish this, I developed a very simple error reporting service hosted at AppHarbor. When an unhandled exception occurs, a dialog appears offering to report the error. When the user confirms, the exception dump is posted to my cloud service which saves it to a database and emails it to me. Below is a rundown of the steps I took to quickly get it up and running.

Quick Tip: Code Samples in Microsoft Word

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Code samples in Microsoft Word tend to get inflamed with the “red squiggle” disease. To keep your sanity while editing code samples, and to present them a bit more nicely to your users, create a style and apply it to all code samples.

Red-Gate SQL in the City SF 2012

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I attended the Red-Gate SQL In the City training event yesterday. It was a great opportunity to set the daily grind aside and focus on learning. It’s always inspiring to watch a demo that shows a less painful way to accomplish something I’m struggling with. The challenge is to turn that inspiration into something productive and valuable. My notes follow.